i like twenty one pilots and sometimes other things

my mom just commented on my plate and said “dont forget to save room for dessert”

i don’t save room, mom. i make it. get real.

Tyler and Josh: Happy Wheels Adventure (x)


Here I come, come to you in the very clothes
That I killed, killed you in and now I know I’m alone
I walk to you, rain falls from you
Can you wash me, can you drown me

I wanna be a lot of things, so much pent up inside of me
I wanna be stronger; too long I’ve sat here undecidedly
Planning strategy, half of me knows it’s all just a fallacy
Failing miserably, drastically and then I crash dramatically
Into a wall, I’ve hit a hundred times before
And yet I still ignore the dark red blood stains on the floor
And I’m back in front of you Lord, with blood on the floor
Is the blood mine or yours don’t wanna do this anymore

Back and forth between being me and who you call me to be
You see a man free who thinks he has to buy a key
To a door but he can’t ‘cause he’s poor and he can’t
Fall down anymore ‘cause he’s already on the floor
And his heart is broken and all and this is his scar
But it’s warm from crying ‘cause he will try nine times
To realize nine crimes but he has more than nine lives
So he picks himself up and keeps climbing for the prize again

Here I come again to you 
Just to show the blood soaked through
Through my bones and all I own
Is there a way for me to grow
I walk to you, rain falls from you
Can you wash me, can you drown me, please

Every time I feel selfish ambition is taking my vision
My crime is my sentence, repentance is taking commission
It’s taking a toll on my soul, I’m screaming submission and
I don’t know if I am dying or living
'Cause I will save a face for name's sake
Abuse grace take a aim to obtain a new name in a newer place
But my name is lame, I can’t walk and I ain’t the same
And my name became a new destiny to the grave and
They say the ocean’s blue but it’s black right now
In the dark, on the sand, looking out at my crowd
Depression and drowning singing now the full parts
Of lightning reveals where the ocean stops and the sky starts
I’ve been told by the sky that the ocean I shall win
But it’s hard for me to see where ocean stops, where sky begins
And random chunks of light remind me of what is true
But right now the ocean is blacker than black, the sky is too

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trees by twenty|one|pilots

i’ve been meaning to cover this one for months. it’s not my best work, but i think it’s halfway decent

stillstreet check it!!!!!


I think I’m obsessed with Josh Dun on the drums. 


I think I’m obsessed with Josh Dun on the drums. 


a kitchen sink to youis not a kitchen sink to meokay friend?|-/


a kitchen sink to you
is not a kitchen sink to me
okay friend?

And then one turned around to say,"We're driving toward the morning sunWhere all your blood is washed awayAnd all you did will be undone."
taxi cab // twenty one pilots |-/


And then one turned around to say,
"We're driving toward the morning sun
Where all your blood is washed away
And all you did will be undone."

taxi cab // twenty one pilots |-/





sorry i couldn’t hear u i was thinking about new twenty one pilots music

sorry I couldn’t read that I was crying because I was thinking about new twenty one pilots music


(x) oh my god

Anonymous said: hey im new to twenty one pilots but i love the songs i have heard if you could can you just give me some basic information also can you tell me what the ski masks are and what |-/ means thanks


I feel like this is going to be a test of my twenty|one|pilots knowledge but here we go :)

Basic Information:

twenty|one|pilots is a band from Columbus Ohio and consists of Josh Dun (drums) and Tyler Joseph (vocals,piano/keyboard,ukulele,etc.). Tyler started the band in college with friends Chris Salih (drums at the time) and Nick Tomas (bassist). Both Chris and Nick had to leave for personal reasons. Tyler and Josh met through a mutual friend but they like to lie and tell a new story about how they met each time they are asked. They have 3 albums, the self titled, Regional at Best, and Vessel (their most successful and first professionally recorded in a studio). The were signed to the Fueled by Ramen record label after selling out The LC in Columbus and grabbing the music industries attention.

Ski masks:

The band briefly explains the meaning of the ski masks in the intro to the Guns For Hands music video. Tyler tells josh “You can take it off when you are ready” implying that they are there for comfort. Singing about such vulnerable parts of you mind can be very scary after all. There are other theories that they represent the metaphorical masks that we all wear, that they are just cool and add some mystery to the band that intrigues you to watch their performance. It’s probably a combination of all of these things.

The logo:

”|-/” means twenty|one|pilots. That’s it. You can read what Tyler has said about it here. It goes along with thier song “Kitchen Sink” off of Regional at Best, which encourages those struggling with purpose to create something only they know the meaning of. So on those tough nights you can justify your staying alive as “I’m the only one who knows what this means, so I might as well stay alive because of that”.

Welcome to the skeleton clique my friend! I hope you enjoy the boy’s music and make lots of friends! Stay alive and Stay Street |-/

excuse me josh but in celebration of u making a tumblr blog i say u do somethin v. tumblr-like and have a giveaway of physical copies of regional at best thnx pls